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IT Service
The Problems With Today's IT

Small to medium sized companies in Vietnam could or are not willing to hire full-time IT staff because of several reasons. First, many company owners do not trust outside IT or even foreign IT personnel maintaining their PC's or servers. Secondly, they think full time IT is just not worth the cost for maintaining 10 to 20 computers. What results from this fear is inconsistent support from vendors or outside IT help. In many cases, outside help is just a temporary fix. Neither of these options provides the time, expertise and assistance needed to increase total system productivity. As any company starts to grow, these problems will get worse and become a barrier costing companies far greater loss in downtime due to viruses, personnel not being able to use their PC's, server downtime, loss of data as well as theft.

The Solution
VinaROOT is here to serve customers by giving a complete level of service equal to a large company by giving small and medium customers the ability to compete in the same level as large ones. By serving many different customers, we learn new technologies, and problem solve similar ones that other customers have experienced. We standardized your equipment, software and parts so that replacement parts become easier to replace and reinstall. Our experience from Taiwan allows us to have a staff ready to do research on new equipment you may need down the road.

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