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Vinaroot specializes in many industries. Our origins were in software development where we developed our superROOT enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This allows one to easily keep track of sales and purchases of each month. Our systems allows one to keep track of inventory in various views as well as highlighting the more popular to slow products. The forecasting algorithms will allow you to determine how many purchases you need to make to keep up with demand.

We are also devoted to bringing our customers quality products at an affordable price. That is why we are proud be to the sole distributor of Multilac paint and surface coating in Vietnam. Having an ISO 9001 certification proves that their procedures meets up to high international standards. It is clear why their paint is #1 in their domestic market of Sri Lanka.

When considering which paint to purchase, there are many industry standard features to choose. Styles such as gloss and matte to resistances to bacterial and fungal growth. Multilac has also developed several features that have never been used in Vietnam before. Technology to reduce interior room temperatures. No other brand can match their magic effect, which allows for multiple colors from a single bucket of paint. Special emulsion effects allow for designs that emulate wood textures or crack effects.

Skilled professionals are at the ready to be hired on your behalf. These designers are trained to use the many tools and techniques necessary to deliver all the signature Multilac couture. Whether it's deciding on paint color, choosing its décor or hiring designers, Vinaroot is determined to bring your vision to reality.

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